Ahh! Now I get it! Page vs. Post

So, I’m a Virgo and whether or not I put stock in that ideology, I do exhibit some Virgo-like behaviors and some others — not so much. Here’s an overall statement about Virgos from FactsVita: “People having Virgo horoscope traits are known to be immensely practical as they are the ones who will always look out for a relatively pragmatic solution to any problem that comes in their way. Henceforth, bottom-line remains the fact that those people having Virgo personality traits are quite friendly and social”. Seems spot-on…but let’s delve deeper…and try not to fall asleep. I read the Top 10 Primary traits attached to a person with Virgo star-sign, summarized and added notes about me below.

  • Creative Thinker – some days, Yes! other days, I’m lucky if I can create an interesting sandwich.
  • Die-hard Romantic – Not. Sorry. I mean I’m not sorry about not being a romantic.
  • Attractive Personality – Whateverrr.
  • Subtle & Simple – Simple…yes, when it comes to simple living. Subtle…never been accused of that!
  • Organized & Systematic – To me this is the essence of Virgo-ishness. I have 2 Virgo brothers and a Virgo (although really more Leo-ish) spouse. We are all rather obsessed with being organized. More about this obsession later — and you’ll find out why I wrote this post. Oooh, the suspense!
  • Shy – yah, NO.
  • Caring & Loving – these are nice words and who wouldn’t want to have those traits? However, I think there are more accurate pronouns within the description: compassionate and humane; motivating and consoling…
  • Determined – well, at the very least, I am determined to get to the end of this $#*@ post.
  • Analytical – mos def. I have to know the “why”…it’s the eternal 4 year old in me.
  • Perfectionists – as long as you don’t consider my housekeeping skills, this may apply!

Hmmm…none of those traits point out brevity. I should wrap this up.

The impetus behind this post was the process I went through to figure out the differences between a blog Page and a blog Post. See WordPress Page vs. Post. I knew there must be a reason why I couldn’t just move a post to a page and I was determined to figure it out. (See how I’m weaving the traits in here? Starting to make sense now?) I had to be systematic in my search for answers and analyse the sources. Then, I had to organize the content for this post. If you find a typo, please tell me. We perfectionists can’t handle typos in our work. It’s like leaving a fabulous party, then looking in the rear-view mirror and realizing that I had broccoli stuck in my teeth all night. Still scarred, but now in therapy.

I found a couple of resources that might help you and your students blog in creative ways that incorporate the best of Virgo traits.

Resources to Help Students Be Successful Online in Three Areas: Technical, Academic & Study Planning (includes the Mozilla Web Literacy Map)

Purdue Online Writing Lab (I ♥ OWL – ok, maybe I am a romantic)