EDUC7710 Online Tutorial Project: Mind Maps

After hearing from a few fellow students, I decided to further investigate mind map software and not decide just yet on which one to choose. I’ll be choosing a system and creating a tutorial over the next few weeks.


Tune in every once in a while to see how I’m doing…and, PLEASE…feel free to advise, critique, and share your own mind maps!

The chief criteria is cost — free and cheap are two of my favorite words! It is likely that there is special pricing for education; all systems will be reviewed for the educational purposes they serve so ease of use and the ability to collaborate will also be deciding factors.

Update on cost: I now realize that most education software discounts apply only to institution-level purchases and not useful for one teacher. So, if I do want to my “students” to use mind maps, I’d have to build a case to prove there is a real need for such software and be able to show how the software could fill that need.

IMDEVIN did a great job in gathering “10 totally free mind mapping software tools”. Here’s the link to check it out:  Top 10 Totally Free Mind Mapping Software Tools

And, from Wikipedia, the List of concept- and mind-mapping software in a comparative, grid formation by non-paid and paid items.

I’m going to check out Coggle and MindMup first because of their relationship with Google. I’ll report my findings soon!


Update: Coggle and MindMup took me only a few minutes to learn. I really like the color options in Coggle and it saves automatically just like Google Docs in to Google Drive. Coggle also has an easy to understand control panel on screen and simple tutorials…so that’s my choice as of July 20.


Update: Sometime free is not the best option. Coggle started off so easy but became a source of frustration. I decided to try XMind which is also free but requires a download. XMind is the easiest to use so far.XMindAugust 7, 2014 Update:

Upon Josh’s recommendation, I tried Popplet. Super easy. And pretty…and shiny. Popplet

I WANT to loosen up the pursestrings and BUY the $30 yearly plan so I can make unlimited Popplets since I’d just be getting the hang of Popplets with the 5 allotted in free version. But before I commit, I want to try the app on my iPad. And I better reflect on the NEED to make unlimited numbers of Popplets!

Just in case I decide to pitch the need for Popplet at my institution, I looked at the educational discount info too. Their model requires that a systems administrator create the student accounts — that could be a deterrent but for young students, it might provide a level of safety.

Popplet edu info_pricing

My institution might better benefit from the business plan…but Popplet, like most software companies, doesn’t post that pricing info; I’d have to call them.


3 thoughts on “EDUC7710 Online Tutorial Project: Mind Maps

  1. I can’t wait to see how this goes and what you find! I love using mind maps with my students and am glad to see there are more options now that are free!!


  2. I might test out xmind to see how it works. I try to get started with mindmaps…and then give up. It usually is a whiteboard, or pencil/paper moment.


    • I know what you mean. It is a lot of work and I’m not sure the personal return outweighs the effort. But I can see the usefulness for project planning. Josh recommended popplet so I will check that out too.


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