Networked Learning Project: Dancing Ninja Skills

Yes, it has long been my dream to be a ninja. Really. I actually have dreamed about being a ninja since I was about 18 years old. The same recurring dream theme has been coming to me at night maybe once or twice a month for 2 decades. There is no telling when or why. Not only am I a ninja, I am a dancing ninja and I am the leader of a dancing ninja pack. Yep, I’m that good.

Here’s a description of a typical dream episode: The poor and oppressed people, huddled around small fires and scared for their lives, are grateful when we arrive flipping, fighting, and funking our way into town. In some dreams, evil ninja packs (of course, we are the good guys) disguise themselves as town members only to be revealed during flashmob outbreaks set to Beat It.

In my awake life, I took dance lessons as a kid and as an adult and did a lot of dancing in the 80’s and 90’s. I’m still often the first one on the floor. So that is a likely reason why I dream about dancing. But dreaming about being a dancing ninja? — not so sure where that comes from. Maybe from trying to defend myself as the only girl and youngest of four…with one brother that often practiced his karate moves on me?…probably.

Q: Where’s a newbie ninja with leadership aspirations to start her knowledge quest? A: Google Search.

In fact, for this post, I’ve researched, used or referenced many of the Google Products.

Ninja Moves:

How to Spin Like Michael Jackson I like the simple 5-step process with pictures – and the site lets you add your own moves!

How to Fight Like a Ninja Cool cartoons but solid directions and advice.

Basic Capoeira Moves: Brazilian Martial Arts How to Au — the basic cartwheel and the foundation of many ninja moves.

Ninja Supplies on a budget: All Ninja Gear or  Kungfu4Less.

To be a well-informed ninja pack leader:

I would read about the history of ninjas for inspiration – This Wikipedia on Ninjas provides lots of great sources.

I’d try to reflect on our performance and help the pack improve our skills.  I’d read articles to find ways that technology might help us such the article I found using Google ScholarTransfer of Gaming: Transfer of Training in Serious Gaming.

Since I am the leader of my pack, I better hone those skills too. I’d read about teams and leadership in difficult times such as Team leadership: The Chilean Mine Case.

Navigation and Exploration:

As a team, we’d need to know each others strengths and weaknesses. I’m not good with directions so I’d ask my best navigator to plan our routes. Google Earth has various global layers – We could use the Gallery and Global Awareness items to make predictions about conditions, weather, crisis, etc. We could navigate by the stars and planets and use GPS. We can make our own Google Maps for specific areas and will show us recent street-level views and traffic of almost any area.


I like to keep things organised, so I’d use Google Sites to store information and promote our services.

Google Analytics would monitor the traffic and use of the site so we could make data-driven decisions.

Well, I’ll probably be a dancing ninja pack leader only in my dreams – and I think that’s cool enough.

But it looks like I am on my way to becoming a pretty decent Google ninja!

Google Ninja


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