EDUC7716 Week 1 Question: How can U.S. students become more globally competent and multiculturally literate?

First, in my opinion, is to understand why students need to be globally competent and multi-culturally literate.


  • Economies are becoming more interdependent. 
  • American society is now more diverse.
  • Global challenges are becoming more complex. 
  • Global competence enhances overall academic achievement.

Second, employ more teachers who have studied Ethics. The Ethics of Teaching

Teachers should be motivated by a universal respect for human life and also be guided by principles of caring.  In fact, teachers have a fiduciary duty to act in a way that is in the best interest of their students.

Lastly, is for teachers to develop a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.

Culturally responsive teaching appears to have positive impacts on student achievement. While more comprehensive and large-scale studies of student outcomes would add to the field, the existing literature consistently supports culturally responsive teaching efforts.  Knowing that culturally responsive teaching can positively impact the outcomes of diverse student achievement, it is relevant to understand how to foster a more culturally responsive workforce.


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