EDUC 7714 and 7720 Projects: Digital Identity and Digital Learning Hub

The tasks at hand are to create a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) & a Digital Learning Hub (DLH) to construct my Digital Footprint, and maintain control of my Digital Identity and blog on the process of creation.

I am now transforming the PLE Google Site that began during EDUC 7714 into the DLH for EDUC 7720 on Wix. I am moving to Wix because it has a more professional, finished look.

This was my PLE Outline:

Google Site created: ConstantLearnerMe

The DLH will be the place where I continue creating my Online Brand, perform Reputation Management, and post all sorts of information about training and technology.

The purpose of my DLH is to develop a website that hosts teaching and learning materials for me for all IT&DML classes (past, present, and future) and for my “students” at UNH.

I want to include:

  • a wiki for work (in progress) which will be linked here when ready
  • surveys for participants to help me refine the content and functionality
  • more interactive (rather than static) content
  • an IM feature for faster communication

I’ll be blogging about and working on the DHL site every week.

If you have created a DHL, please share the link so I can steal look at your ideas! And please tell me anything that helped you through this process. Thanks!

I’ll provide the link to my site as soon as I publish it.



5 thoughts on “EDUC 7714 and 7720 Projects: Digital Identity and Digital Learning Hub

  1. I really love the digital portfolio you started up. I’m wondering if we should spend some time in our meeting on the 19th to start up a Google Sites portfolio, or learning hub. Or…is this a longer talk for the fall. We’ll talk. 🙂


    • T,
      I like the looks of your Digital Fluency Ed site…flows nicely and the menu is easy to navigate. And the hint of edgy-ness give me the impression of risk taking and forward thinking. I might make the text a bit darker – maybe it’s my computer but it is a bit hard to read. Doesn’t matter because you write so well, I would scrunch up my eyes to see it!
      PS. I’m stealing your layout of a small image with every blog entry…


      • I just changed the text – what a great idea! When I went into settings I found that text was set to Light Weight – not good! Thank you for pointing that out – it’s so helpful to have another set of eyes!!


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