Stuff about me and technology

I wasn’t born a tech-savvy lass (do you remember life before email?) but I was born a curious opportunist.

I appreciate the efforts of people craftier than me who have done the hard work of building useful, accessible, and easy-to-use systems. I salute them each time I push that button without fear of destroying the universe. I pay homage because I can understand the data without sinking into the spaghetti pot of relational databases. I applaud when I find guidance shared by subject matter experts who take the time to write in plain-speak.

Blessed be those dedicated, bring-it-to-the-people, tech folks!

Here’s an article about the criteria that make software user-friendly. (BTW- TechRepublic is a great resource!)

10 things that make software user-friendly

What features do you like best about your favorite software?


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