EDUC 7716 Week 4: Personal Learning Network Discussion

Mastering Global Literacy Chapter 2, written by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, provided many ideas and resources to help teachers incorporate global connections into their course work and I am sure that my classmates will benefit from the material. The last paragraph was most important to me in my role as it called out to administrators to “model for their faculty what it means to be a connected learner”. This is what I want to do for and with faculty and staff at UNH as my job progresses from technical training toward professional development.

To paraphrase Tolisano:

“Professional development opportunities…shift from isolated training session for specific software tools…to learning opportunities that foster collaboration and relationships between educators around the world”.

Here are a few resources I found that are geared toward that endeavor:

ACE/AIEA Internationalization Collaborative: Global Competence, Local Challenges: Building an International Curriculum for Everyone

Inside Higher Ed: Teaching with Technology

The Chronicle of Higher Education: How to Curate Your Digital Identity as an Academic

Faculty Focus: The Five Components of a Successful Online Faculty Development Program

Edutopia: 9 Quick Tips for Taking Ownership of Your PD

Educause: Top 10 IT Issues, 2015

Higher Education Resource Hub

Global Education Conference: 2014 Conference Recordings

I will use some of the techniques recommended by William Kist in Chapter 3, such as reaching out and collaborating nationally and internationally to create a wiki of resources and a place to post reflections about technical training and professional development.


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